Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH)

SPLASH (Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity) contains several conferences concerned with programming, languages, and software engineering, including OOPSLA (Object-oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications), Onward!, DLS (the Dynamic Languages Symposium), and PLoP (Pattern Languages of Programming).

SPLASH Steering Committee

The SPLASH Steering Committee is constituted by the following members:

  • current SIGPLAN Chair,
  • current SIGPLAN Vice chair,
  • current and past three SPLASH General Chairs,
  • current and past three OOPSLA Program Chairs,
  • current and past three Onward! Program Chairs, and
  • the outgoing Chair of the Steering Committee, for one year past the end of his or her term as Chair.

The Chair of the Steering Committee is elected by the Steering Committee from among the members of the committee to serve a two-year term. The outgoing chair serves an additional year on the committee past his or her term as chair to provide institutional memory.

The constitution of the steering committee changes each year upon conclusion of that year’s conference.

The current SPLASH steering committee is:

  • Eelco Visser, Delft University of Technology, Chair
  • Jonathan Aldrich, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Sophia Drossopoulou, Imperial College London
  • Elisa Gonzalez Boix, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • David Grove, IBM Research
  • Tony Hosking, Australian National University / Data61
  • Stephen Kell, University of Kent
  • Hidehiko Masuhara, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Gail Murphy, University of British Columbia
  • Jens Palsberg, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Benjamin C. Pierce, University of Pennsylvania
  • Alex Potanin, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Hridesh Rajan, Iowa State University
  • Yannis Smaragdakis, University of Athens
  • Manu Sridharan, University of California at Riverside
  • Emina Torlak, University of Washington
  • Jan Vitek, Northeastern University / Czech Technical University

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