Principles of Programming Languages (POPL)

Principles of Programming Languages symposium addresses fundamental principles and important innovations in the design, definition, analysis, and implementation of programming languages, programming systems, and programming interfaces. POPL is in-cooperation with SIGACT and SIGLOG.

POPL Awards

Each year a “Most Influential” POPL paper is chosen and a presentation is made at POPL. More details about this award and past winning papers can be found here. POPL also honors several Distinguished Papers from each program; they are listed in the POPL programs, and the process for choosing them is given in the Principles of POPL document (see below).

SIGPLAN also makes several other awards, many of which have been awarded at POPL. Please consider making a nomination for one of these awards. More details about the SIGPLAN awards can be found here.

POPL Steering Committee

The POPL Steering Committee is constituted by the following members:

  • current SIGPLAN Chair and Vice Chair,
  • three members at large who sit for three years
  • Industrial Relation Chair who sits for three years and is chosen among the three members at large
  • three most recent POPL General Chairs, and
  • three most recent POPL Program Chairs.

The General Chair and Program Committee Chair of the next edition of POPL are invited to join the Steering Committee as observers as soon as they are chosen.

The current POPL steering committee is:

Principles of POPL

Up-to-date organizational and reviewing policies of POPL are exposed in Principles of POPL.

An outdated version is also available in the ACM digital library, [ACM SIGPLAN Notices - Supplemental issue, Volume 48 Issue 4S, April 2013, pp 12-16]((

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